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You are going to go ahead or hesitate to wait and see in the smart lighting on the road,

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As a person, we are aware of the 2014 smart lighting sales and gross margin situation? Does it know the user's return rate, complaint and expectation? Is the source of the problem encountered in intelligent lighting?

Three years ago, talking about intelligent lighting, lighting industry know the people are not many, but now, PHILPS, OSRAM, GE, Samsung, LG and other companies have launched a smart lighting products. At that time, we are still questioned mobile control such "intelligent" whether consumers accepted, questioned from different manufacturers of intelligent lighting can communicate, questioned whether there's a market for intelligent products of high priced.

Three years later, the intelligent lighting products will be is a part of daily life, smart phone is our set of tools and not in the remote; intelligent products of different manufacturers can controller; many temperature, brightness and infrared sensor will become a part of the intelligent lighting; product from the candle lamp, GU10 to 100 Watt high power lamp cover.

Three years ago, lighting enterprises or stay away from the Internet to the traditional industry, they "prophet" just led lamp by the mold properties to change the electronic properties, learned of the "static" and "Chao Min" of product damage and since then didn't know "Moore's law" of electronic products. 3 years, LED by "high rich handsome" into "big Chinese cabbage". Now intelligent lighting has Internet properties, past lighting enterprises are still than whose cost is low, but today Internet companies to join is not cost, such as Ali 9.9 yuan intelligent modules and Qihoo 360 1 Yuan intelligent module, the Internet has moved a number of industries of cheese.

Three years later, the best lighting brand must be Internet companies, APP marketing mode will appear, will the traditional lighting enterprise sales channels influence; they provide is not only lighting products, will also provide a variety of sensors and the Internet interface to user collocation is used, which is connected with the dynamic data of temperature, humidity, music, sales is not only lighting products, more service.

When the price of intelligent lighting lamps and lanterns with the same level of LED difference is not big, smart lighting will quickly enter millions of households. Prior to this, the original lighting companies and can not wait to join the new enterprise will face enormous pressure and challenges. Because lamps and lanterns are the most used electronic products in the home products, intelligent lighting will be the best entrance of the smart home.

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