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Scope Function Application Parameters

With single glue dispensing head and two platform structure. It can keep working in turn to improve the working efficiency. The glue dispensing head can be replaced to meet the high requirments about the accurancy.



This machine applies to all kinds of products which need to dispense glue. Such as smartphone, Pad, Laptop, sound box, camera, intelligent appliance, toys, different LED light etc.


This machine uses the 4 axis precision stepping drive which can control the glue position preciously.

The programmable dispensing control system can realize any pattern dispensing in the plane, with the parameters setting function of position correction, copy, array, automatic positioning and the complex glue dispensing process, and fully guarantee the quality of glue dispensing functions.

The operator can choose the single head or double head to finish the glue dispensing process, to realize the max production capacity.The operator also can choose the reverse tilt rotary glue dispensing, to realize the high speed glue dispensing on the circle.

With double Y axis design, it can works alternation. Without loading and unloading time, it can realize the max production efficiency.




Outline size: 630*620*800mm (L*W*H)
Working range500*420*110mm(X*Y*Z)
Dispensing accuracy±0.05g
Equipment accuracy±0.15mm
Drive mode4 axis precision stepping drive
Control systemPLC motion control system
Memory size256groups400 pot/group
Dispensing modesingle head, double head, Horizontal, inclined, rotary.
Dispensing control systemHandheld programmable dispensing control system
COMUSB, can be copied.
Power supply voltageAC 110V/220V/230V/240V/380V
Total power350W
Air pressure0.5-0.7MPA
Machine weight:50KG