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Scope Function Application Parameters

The assembly line is major for plastic cups, power board, heat cup, led plate, lamp lens. Including red punching, glue dispensing, thermal grease, screw locking, soldering, tunnel oven drying, high voltage test (bad products removed), FCT test, test, assembled bulb etc. work station. The device also has the advantages of high voltage test, FCT test data upload computer storage, production quantity counting, production data analysis. The whole line is controlled by industrial computer, through the TCP protocol, local area network for each site data collection and control.


Apply for large power LED bulb lamp (such as :A60) assembly.


LED bulb automatic assembly.


Outline Size :(L*W*H) 700*900*2000mm
Working range: (L*W*H)250*250*100mm
Diver Type : 4axis servo motor
Coordinate Precision XYZ : ±0.02mm
Positioning R Axis : ±0.05°
Slide Guide :  import side \ screw rod
Control : PC control system
Program : 256 groups,400dot /groups                
Voltage : 220VAC、50HZ
Power : 20KW--50KW
Air Pressure : 0.6Mpa
Remark :  line length according to customized module quantity