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Scope Function Application Parameters

The working stations of this equipment are including binding box , integrating sphere, pinter, computer and display and so on, so it can do these test at the same time ,such as binding test, optical test, reset test, print the two-dimension code, and also it uses sophisticated online rotary disk devices, which effectively reduces the footprint and space. The data of bulb lamp is collected and stoved  to check it in any time. The whole equipment adopts instruments of domestic and international well-known brands to increase the stability and reliability of the equipment .

This equipment is mainly applied to test of intelligent bulb lamp.

Main Functions:



2.Optical testing               

3.Reset factory settings                             

4. Marking the two-dimension code on lamp base




•    Outline size: 2050*1700*1750mm(L*W*H ) 
•    Frequency:50HZ 
•    Rated voltage: AC380V
•    Equipment weight: 1230 KG
•    Product scope:Standard bulb lamp
•    Design capacity:≥250PCS/H