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Leady sales department activities

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Long time no thinking, the brain will be decline, Long time no sports, the body will be decadent. Brain and body, one of them must be on the way.

Thank Leady for supplying the rich funding for each department, so that we have a chance to relax and get a party each month. It seems that the routine dinner has no attractive. Only new ideas can improve the team cohesiveness. In July, with two-day holiday, good weather and blue sky, we decide to climb the mountain. It is said that there are 1351 forest parks in Guangdong province, with the largest quantity in all over the country. As in this good Natural Oxygen Bar, if you still just stay home for binge-watching or brushing Blog, it is just waste time. Climb mountains, do some exercise, hone our will and edify our sentiment can help us to strength our team emotion.

At 8:00 in the morning, there are over ten people arrived at the company earlier than our duty time. We had arrived at our destination after 15 minutes’ driving. We climbed the top of the mountains after two hours. I didn’t remember what time I did this kind of exercise last time. The leader strode forward with the big flag of Leady, and everyone followed him by step in the back. I was trailing. I was shamed as the last one. Sometimes the colleagues looked after me and confirmed if I was lost. It was shamed that lots of ten years old children and some over sixty ‘old people went quickly far away from my side and left me with gasping for breath. With a strong willpower and colleague’s courage and help, I finally climbed up to the top, otherwise I am not qualified to write the article.

The feeling of climbing mountains, I feel like that I am in my twenties age hiding a sixty-year-old body and a ten-year-old IQ, IQ needs to be improved, the body needs to exercise, there is a long way to go, step by step slowly.