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Scope Function Application Parameters

Automatic screw locking machine is used to locking the screws on the products. It can help to increase the working efficiency and decrease the labor cost.

Apply to all kinds of electronic products screw locking. Such as Smartphone, Wireless telephone, Calculator, Navigation screen, Sounds box, Camera, Small appliances, Toys etc.


Single head with double platform structure, this model can lock two kinds of product with the same screws.
Excellent flexibility. Use the all-powerful fixture which can suit for multi type screws.
Excellent versatility. It can be changed the feeder mode, nozzle and screwdriver bit to suit for multi type screws from M1.0 ~M4.0.
The machine can be inserted in the production line conveniently because of the compact shape. With the function of loading in front and unloading from rear to save the labor.
With double Y axis design, it can works alternation. Without loading and unloading time, it can realize the max production efficiency.
The products can be loaded in the front and unloaded from the back, no need to operated by human being, it can help to save the labor cost effectively.


Outline size:500*620*630mm  (L*W*H)    
Working range:320*390*70mm(X*Y*Z)
Drive by:3axis step motor
Positioning :±0.02mm
Control :PLC + TP
Feeding :vacuum pick up
Program :teaching mode
Memory size:14group, 40steps/group (to be modified)
Air pressure:0.4Mpa