LED Lighting Industries "USE LABOR SHORTAGE"

Economic new normal means that in the past that simple investment in the growth of the old pattern is slowly abandoned, the national economic development is also being adjusted for the innovation driven model. This model change, is destined to allow enterprises from labor-intensive to technology intensive and knowledge intensive. Thus, enterprises more and more use of high technology content and high degree of automation production equipment, which requires the structure of human resources should be a major adjustment. In other words, to solve the labor shortage, the key is to require manufacturers to seek technical innovation and structural transformation.

LED industry "recruitment difficult" is generally focused on some labor-intensive enterprises, these enterprises need a lot of artificial to solve production problems, manufacturing product technology content is not high, fixed production line model, fixed trajectory, in the current social environment, staff mobility must be large, the more do big business, turnover rate is high. Shenzhen SanDisk green integrated science and Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen hung by said, they are driving IC design companies and practitioners basically are high-end technical personnel, so the staff is relatively stable, did not appear difficult to recruit people.

Chen Hengyou believes that automation, standardization of production, for the industry, LED is very important. Because this can use less workers, in the limited human resources can be replaced by automatic machines. This part of the province down the money can be to a small number of staff for higher pay to stay live employees. Although the cost of the machine is high, but in the long run, the automatic production is the trend of the future development. On this level, the phenomenon of "labor shortage" drives the factory to improve its scientific and technological content, increase the automation of production, and create competitive advantage. Provantage photoelectric Jintao also believes that in order to strengthen the development of scientific and technological innovation of enterprise, a kind of to drive will make employees feel a sense of self realization of the value of achievement, recruitment is not difficult. In the case of manufacturing enterprises, in the middle and upper reaches of the technology companies rarely face the "labor shortage" of the situation, said the company's staff turnover rate remained in the controllable range.