Technology to change the life / PHILPS launched LED carpet

What is the best example of technology changing life? PHILPS's answer is LED carpet. After several years of research and development, PHILPS will be in the United States International Lighting Exhibition LED carpet, and quickly launched in the market.

PHILPS LED carpet concept began in 2013, through cooperation with the European high-end carpet brand Desso, to achieve a new experience of use. LED carpet in the technical aspects of the key first lies in the fabric, the material is more transparent, while the integration of a thin layer of LED lights, to achieve the purpose of display information. In addition, PHILPS also said that the carpet is strong enough, but also to deal with the leakage of liquid and so on, but not because of the flow of traffic caused by a lot of LED.

Application scenarios, apparently has a very broad space. For example, in airports and railway stations and other places, to replace the big screen, achieve more intuitive guiding role; and in theaters, alternative stage lights or staff, lighting and guiding role; even in the hotel can also be called before the guest room door indicator lights, used to display disturb or instructions to sweep the room light.

Obviously, the carpet is many of the buildings in the most common infrastructure and add advanced display characteristics, help to improve the user experience, its up to 20 years of expected service life is the effective way to save cost, it is worth looking forward to.